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Hobut 14 Series (143) Moulded Case Current Transformers (20-30mm diameter, 25A to 500A)

  • Accuracy: Class 1
  • DIN-Rail mounting clip supplied
  • Built-in sealable terminal covers
  • Mounting feet supplied
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Product Details

The CT143 range of Current Transformers are used for transforming various Primary Currents into 5A or 1A standard secondary using up to 30x10mm or 20x20mm busbars or cables up to 24mm (Internal diameter).

They are a range of low cost Moulded case Current Transformers suitable for Primary Currents from 60A to 500A with built-in sealable terminal covers.

CT143 models:

  • 60:5A
  • 75:5A
  • 80:5A
  • 100:5A
  • 125:5A
  • 150:5A
  • 200:5A
  • 250:5A
  • 300:5A
  • 400:5A
  • 500:5A

Product Specification

• Conforms to: IEC185, BS 7626, BSEN 60044-1, IEC 60044-1, BSEN 61869-2 and IEC 61892-2.
• Rated system voltage: 0.72/3kV.
• Ambient temperature range: -30°C to 40°C.
• Continuous current: 1.2 x rated current.

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