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Diris Digiware D Multi-point display series (4829-0199 /4825-0200 / 4829-0201)

• High-resolution graphical display.

• 24 VDC supply: elimination of hazardous voltage at the panel doors.

• Ergonomic and easy to use due to direct access buttons for:

- measurement information,

- circuit selection,

- device configuration.

• Centralisation of measurement points:

- circuit selection

- data view.

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Product Details

The DIRIS Digiware remote display screens provide:

- a local view of the data from the DIRIS Digiware voltage and current modules

- a power supply to the DIRIS Digiware modules

- access to the data over Ethernet (D-50) or RS485 (D-40)

Product Specification

Model types:

  • DIRIS D-30 single-point display (4829 0200)
  • DIRIS Digiware D-40 multi-circuit display panel with RS485 output (4829 0199)
  • DIRIS Digiware D-50 multi-point display Ethernet output (4829 0201)

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