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DIRIS Digiware U 3 Voltage Input Measurement modules

  • 1 DIN-Module wide
  • Plug & Play
  • Compact 
  • 1 Single Voltage Measurement point for the entire system
  • Single point of protection for voltage measuring
  • A complete solution:- Metering - Monitoring voltage - Quality Analysis of the supplied voltage
  • No hazardous voltage on cabinet doors
  • Adapted to all types of network: Single or Three Phase 
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Product Details

Diris Digiware U modules measure voltage for the entire system. This pools together all voltage measurements.

The Digiware RJ45 Bus allows you to pass voltage measurements as well as power supply and communication to all connected products  

Measured Parameters

Diris U-10: U12, U23, U31, V1, V2, V3, F

Diris U-20: U12, U23, U31, V1, V2, V3, F, THDv1, THDv2, THDv3, THDu12, THDu23, THDu31

Diris U-30: U12, U23, U31, V1, V2, V3, f - U  system, V system - P h/N unbalance (Vnb, Vnba, Vdir, Vinv, Vhom), P h/Ph unbalance (Unb, Unba, Udir, Uinv), THDv1, THDv2, THDv3, THDu12, THDu23, THDu31, Individual harmonics U & V (up to rank 63), Voltage dips, interruptions and swells (EN 50160), Alarms -  History of average value

Product Specification

Model Types:

  • U-10 Metering 3 Current Inputs 4829-0105
  • U-20 Monitoring 3 Current Inputs 4829-0106
  • U-30 Analysis 3 Current Inputs 4829-0102

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