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Camax I/O Expansion module with 8 Digital Inputs (Pulse to Modbus Converter- 001-1228)

  • Dimensions: 85mm x 70mm x 36mm 
  • 8 Pulse Inputs to RS485 RTU
  • Monitor Pulses from Electricity, Gas and Water Meters
  • Baud Rate: 1200-57600 can be set via a Modbus register
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Product Details

The I/O expansion module can be used to expand the I/O capabilities of any system which has an RS-485 Modbus RTU master.

The 8 inputs can be used to monitor digital signals from switches, window/door contactors or fault signals from third party equipment. The digital inputs can also be used to monitor and count pulsed signals from multi utility meters such as electricity, gas and water.

The counters are backed-up in non-volatile memory in case of power failure. All data is transmitted and received from the module via its RS-485 Modbus RTU interface.

Product Specification

  • Supply: 10-30V DC (50mA typical at 24VDC)
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 70mm x 36mm 
  • Operating temp: 0C to + 40C 
  • Storage temp: -10C to + 50C 
  • Terminals: 16 AWG 1.5mm2 
  • Status Indicators: 4 LEDs for Power, Modbus RX,ModbusTX, Error 
  • Digital inputs: 8

Digital Inputs

  • Counter resolution: 32Bit 
  • Counter frequency: 100 Hz
  • Pulse width: 10 ms


  • Interface: RS-485 Modbus RTU 
  • Address: 1 default, 10/20/-/140 selectable via DIP switches (1-247 can be set via a Modbus register)
  • Baud Rate: 9600 default ( 1200-57600 can be set via a Modbus register) 
  • Parity: None default (Even/odd can be set via a Modbus register)
  • Stop bit: - 1

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