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MeterPay - The Smart Solution to Secondary Prepayment with MeterPay (PAYG)

  • Smart Meter technology allows landlords to manage their prepayment (Pay-as-you-Go) scheme online. 
  • Smart Meters stay connected with MeterPay through the mobile data network.
  • After consumers complete top-up payments, credit is delivered to the smart meter in real time. 
  • Reduced management burden compared to coin/card-based prepayment schemes. 
  • Improved security (anti-tamper) with alarm based alerts to eliminate fraud. 
  • Automated meter reading, tariff management and deployment.
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Product Details

MeterPay is the new innovative pre-payment billing Single phase meter for the secondary market. The meter alongside a website 'Meterpay' which allows users to: customise tariffs, view or make credit transfers, as well as view readings and consumption charts in real time.

There is also a consumer portal where your tenants can track their credits, set an auto-recharge, and view their meter readings online. Consequently, this reduces management burden compared to coin/card-based prepayment scheme

  • Dimensions: Height 157mm, Width 132mm and Depth 82mm
  • Input Current: 5A
  • Class 1 Active Energy Measuring
  • Tariff options: Multiple (Configurable via Meterpay)
  • Payment method: PAYG 
  • Max Input: 100A (Single or Three Phase)

Product Specification

Payment options

  • Consumers can make a payment using a credit/debit card online (including mobile devices) or through an automated telephone payment line.
  • Alternatively, landlords can manage available credit levels of MeterPay smart meters within their scheme, optionally collecting cash from their tenants.
  • Consumers can top-up with cash through Post Office counters (Q3 2016).

Credit Flow

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