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Elster PowerCom2 RS485 to Modbus Converter

  • Usage: With A1700 or A1140 Elster meters (Depending on Model)
  • For RS485 connection, external equipment is connected directly via the RJ45 sockets.
  • Meter connected must be equipped with RS485 communications card for usage
  • Self Powered: 10V (80mA) supply cable
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Product Details

Elster PowerCom2 RS485 to Modbus Converter allows A1700s and A1140s Modbus output via the RS232 port.

The modem is powered by a 10V 80mA supply cable connected to the RS232 D-type connector allows RS485 communication. 

Product Specification

  • Network: Up to 32 meters
  • Power Supply: 90VAC to 230VAC (Available in both 115V to 230V environments) 
  • Accommodates: The A1700 or A1140 (Depending on Model)
  • Connections: 3 Core Wire 

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