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Elster AS230 100A Direct Connected Single Phase Smart meter (UK504-047)

  • EN 62053-21: Accuracy Class 1 or Class 2
  • EC Directive 2004/22/EC (MID): Class A or B kWh, kVArh and kVAh Energy Measurement
  • Current input: 5 - 100A
  • Import/Export measuring
  • Modular WAN/LAN Capability
  • Home Automation Network allowing access to: Gas, Water, Other Meter Data, Customer Display Comprehensive Tariff Structure
  • Maximum Demand Registration  
  • Load Limiting
  • Load Profiling recording (4 channels)
  • Instrumentation Profile recording (8 channels)
  • Extensive Security Features
  • Storage for External Register Values 
  • Product Design Life 20 Years 
  • Optical Communications Port 
  • Internal Clock with Battery Back-up
  • IP53 in accordance with IEC 60529:1989
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Product Details

Camax supply the AMI domestic Smart Meter, offering Multi-Tariff metering and flexible modular communications to interface directly to the utility via a Wide Area Network (WAN) or Local Area Network (LAN) and to connect to a consumer's Home Automation Network (HAN).

The meter measures a combination of Import and Export Active Energy, Four-quadrant Reactive Energy and Apparent Energy. AS230’S are also capable of measuring Solar PVA energy at a Class 1.0 Accuracy rate.

The AS230 module provides the platform for many different forms of communications including GSM/GPRS, PLC and Lower Power Radio for WAN/LAN communications. The modular and optical port can be used to read data from other meters meter connected to the HAN.

Optional Module available: (AS230 Modem (UK516-002)

Product Specification

  • Accuracy: EC Directive 2004/22/EC (MID): Accuracy Class A or Class B kVArh Class 2 or 3 EN 62053-23 
  • Current Range: 5-100A (BS) 5-65A (DIN) 
  • Voltage Range: 220-240V 
  • Dimensions: 170mm (High) x 132mm (Wide) x 65mm (Deep) 
  • Case: IP53 to IEC 60529:1989
  • Frequency: 50Hz 
  • Impulse Withstand: 12kV impulse (from 40 Ohm source) 6kV impulse from 2 ohm source
  • Display Characters: 9.8 x 3.5 High contrast, wide angle 
  • Baud Rates Optical: 300 to 9600 baud. 
  • Product Design Life: 20 years 
  • Temperature: -25° C to +65° C (operational range) -25° C to +85° C (storage) 
  • Humidity Annual mean: 75% (non condensing)
  • Test Indicator output: 2000 pulses/kWh (kVArh) 

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