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Elster A1700 RS485 Serial to Multidrop Module - (UK504-034)

• 25-way D-type connector

• Multi-drop terminals

•10 Volt modem supply

• Connection for up to 10 meters

• 12 metres transmission distance

• Standard RS232 pin connections

• Class II isolation from meter

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Product Details

The Elster RS485 module is supplied with two RJ45 multi-drop sockets. A modem, powered by a 10V 80mA supply, can be connected via the 25-way, RS232 D-Type connector. 

Up to 32 meters can be multi-dropped over a distance of 1.2km. Transmit/receive LED’s provide an indication that communications are operating correctly.The module allows ease of installation using standard plug-in RJ45 connectors to link from one meter to the next. There are no other connections to make. 

  • Connect Up To 32 Meters
  • Converts RS232 to RS485, external equipment is connected directly via the RJ45 sockets
  • 1.2km Transmission. 25way D Connector
  • 10V / 80 mA supply to modem (No external power required)

Product Specification

• 2 RJ45 sockets for RS485 multi-drop

• 25-way connector for standard RS232 communications

• 10V modem supply via RS232 connector

• Connection for up to 32 meters

• 1.2km transmission distance

• Class II isolation from meter

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