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ASL GSM/GPRS Telemetry 306 Modem Delta Plus Mobile II (UK515-000)

  • Modem compatible communications data rates up to 9600bps
  • Error correction including V110 (for ISDN/GSM connected Host)
  • Always on GPRS capability as standard
  • Industry standard 25 way D-type socket interface
  • Advanced Super Caps allow no battery operation (Std Product)
  • Flexible power supply of 6V to 14VDC
  • Standby mode with current drain of < 50mW
  • Typical average operating power of < 500mW
  • Plug in compatibility with other Delta Plus and many other modems
  • Local or remote antenna
  • Dimensionally compact and cost effective
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Product Details

The Delta Plus Mobile II allows access to remote data via the public mobile telephone networks. The industry standard data port allows the unit to be connected to equipment in place of a fixed line modem. The flexible input power supply requirements further enhance the ease of use.

Product Specification

  • Approvals: The product conforms to : 3GPP TS 51.010-1, EN60950, R&TTE directive 99/5/EC EMC Directive 89/336/EEC & Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
  • Antenna connector: SMA bulkhead connector on 130mm flying lead 
  • Auto dial/answer: Under ‘AT’ command control. Auto answer with Call Indicate 
  • Control of functions: By ‘AT’ compatible command subset 
  • Data rates & standards: V22 (1200bps), V22bis (2400bps), V32 (9600bps) - [ V32bis (14,400bps) battery version only] 
  • Data port: RS232 (V24/28) asynchronous serial port supporting RXD, TXD, DCD, DTR, RTS and CTS 
  • Data port connector: Integral 25 way ‘D’ socket. Standard pin-out with power on pin 7 – ve, pin 9 and 15 + ve 
  • Enclosure: Custom moulded plastic housing, size - 61x57x24mm 
  • Error Correction: V42, V42bis standards for modem and V110 for ISDN and GSM hosted applications 
  • Environmental conditions: -20 to +55°C operating; –20 to +70°C storage. Humidity 0-95% non-condensing 
  • GPRS Protocol: Supports TCP/IP stack Class 10 and ASL high efficiency telemetry protocols (ATP) 
  • Network compatibility: Quad band for use on GSM and GPRS (Class B 4+1) networks at 850/900/1800/1900MHz 
  • Power supply: Powered from the host data port. +6V to +14 V dc Delta Plus Mobile II with Super Caps and no battery: 50mW standby, 500mW communicating - ASLH306. Delta Plus Mobile II with Super Caps and a lithium Ion battery: 30mW standby, 1W communicating - ASLH306BATT 
  • SIM card: Secure mounting with easy access ‘push - push’ style SIM holder
  • Remote configuration: By the use of Hyper Terminal or any suitable terminal emulation package for access
  • Weight: 70g

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