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Crompton Instruments Integra Ci3 Digital Metering system

  • Accuracy: Class 1% (Active Energy)
  • Current: 5A input from CT's
  • Backlit LCD display and user programmable CT ratios
  • DIN 96 panel mounted enclosure
  • Measures 17 electrical parameters (including THD up to 31st)
  • Polyphase systems (2 wire, 3 wire and 4 wire)
  • True RMS reading
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Product Details

The Integra Ci3 Multi-function Power Meter is an accurate and cost effective solution for measurement and display of all major electrical and power quality parameters. Its easy programming, mounting and user-friendly navigation makes the Integra Ci3 and ideal choice for customers who require reliable energy measurement.

Integra Ci3 is built to high quality standards utilising the latest 'state of the art' microprocessor and manufacturing technology. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Ci3 has two optional modules: Pulse and Modbus output (Please specify if required).

Product Specification

Input Supply

  • Nominal input voltage: 100-289V AC L-N (173-500V AC L-L)
  • Max. continuous input: 120% of nominal overload voltage
  • Nominal input voltage burden: < 0.2VA per phase
  • Nominal input current: 5A AC rms


  • Voltage: 0.5%
  • Current: 0.5%
  • PF: 1% of unity
  • Active power (W): +/- 1% of range 
  • Reactive power (VAr): +/- 1% of range 
  • Apparent power (VA): +/- 1% of range 
  • Active energy (kWh): Class 1 (IEC 62053-21) 
  • Reactive energy (kVArh): +/- 1% of range
  • THD: 1% up to 31st harmonic

Output Modules

  • Pulsed output relays: 1 per module (2 modules fitted per Ci3) 
  • Contact rating: 50mA max at 250V AC 
  • Type: Solid state relay
  • RS485 Modbus output module: 1 Modbus channel per module (max of 1 module fitted per Ci3)
  • Baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400


  • Enclosure style: DIN 96 panel mount 
  • Dimensions: 96x96x64.1mm (depth behind panel without module 58mm, with module 82.5mm)
  • Panel cut-out: 92x92mm 
  • Panel thickness: 1-5mm (1-3mm when used with IP65 cover) 
  • Front protection rating; IP52 
  • Case protection rating: IP30 
  • Material: Polycarbonate to UL94V0
  • Weight: 300g 
  • Terminals: Shrouded screw-clamp 0.05-4mm wire


  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C 
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C 
  • Relative humidity: 0-90% non-condensing 
  • Shock: 30g in 3 planes 
  • Vibration: 10Hz to 50Hz
  • Dielectric voltage: Withstand test 3.25kV rms 50Hz for 1 minute between comms and measuring inputs, comm and aux, aux and measuring input

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