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Selec EasyWire MRJ385 Multifunction Power Meter with Pulse and Modbus output

Daisy-Chain up to 32 meters from one power source

  • Substantial labour savings.
  • Elimination of wiring errors
  • Pulse Output
  • RS485 Modbus communication
  • Max / Min demand of power
  • THD up to the 31st for Voltage or Current parameters 
  • Accuracy: 1 Active
  • Increased safety. Internal circuitry limits high voltages if current transformer is disconnected under load.
  • No need for current transformer shorting terminals
  • Easy to use plug-in connection for both current and voltage inputs/outputs.
  • Choice of 5 three phase current transformer frame sizes.
  • Fully EMC tested and CE certified.
  • Can be supplied with or without cables to suit your requirements (Please specify)
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Product Details

 MRJ385 Multi-function Power meter with Pulsed output and Modbus RS485 communications.

The Selec Easy Wire is a unique concept that will dramatically reduce your wiring and installation time of multi-function power meters and current transformers. 

Three Phase Current Transformers available for the MRJ385:


  • 60A:330mV (15 x 30mm ID)
  • 100A:330mV (15 x 30mm ID)
  • 125A:330mV (15 x 30mm ID)
  • 160A:330mV (15 x 30mm ID)


  • 60A:330mV (25 x 21mm ID)
  • 100A:330mV (25 x 21mm ID)
  • 125A:330mV (25 x 21mm ID)
  • 160A:330mV (25 x 21mm ID)


  • 60A:330mV (31 x 31mm ID)
  • 100A:330mV (31 x 31mm ID)
  • 125A:330mV (31 x 31mm ID)
  • 160A:330mV (31 x 31mm ID)


  • 60A:330mV (20 x 16mm ID)
  • 100A:330mV (20 x 16mm ID)
  • 125A:330mV (20 x 16mm ID)
  • 160A:330mV (20 x 16mm ID)


  • 60A:330mV (50 x 54mm ID)
  • 100A:330mV (50 x 54mm ID)
  • 125A:330mV (50 x 54mm ID)
  • 160A:330mV (50 x 54mm ID)

Product Specification

  • Housing: 96 x 96mm Panel Mounting
  • Single phase or 3 phase (4 wire) network balanced or unbalanced load
  • Built in energy pulsed output only or with pulsed output and RS485 (Modbus)
  • Backlit LCD display with bar graph current indication on every page.
  • Automatic or manual scrolling display
  • Current transformer secondary: 330mV
  • Active energy: class 1 (EN62053-21)
  • Reactive energy: class 2 (EN62053-23)
  • Programmable VT Primary ratio: 100V to 500kV (Programmable for any value)
  • Programmable VT Secondary ratio: 100V to 500V AC (Programmable for any value) 
  • 3-phase: 140 - 460 VAC measured voltage
  • Single phase: 80 - 265 Vac measured voltage
  • Self supplied auxiliary
  •  Programmable CT ratio: 5A to 10,000A
  • Frequency: 45/65Hz
  • Wide range of measured parameters (please ask for data sheet)
  • Selectable CT phase correction allows reversal of L1 and L3.
  • Weight: 230g

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