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Landis & Gyr 5219b Three Phase Electric Meter

The meter has been given a 20 year certification life by OFGEM, the regulator for the UK. This is based on a reliability of better than 97% over 20 years calculated using an OFGEM model.

  • Whole-Current meter (20 -100A)
  • Accuracy: Measure kWh class 1% and KVArh class 2%
  • Connections: Polyphase (3ph 3w, 3ph 4w, 2ph 4w,1ph 2w, 1ph 3w)
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Product Details

The Landis & Gyr 5219 is a Three phase, Direct connected, 20-100A kWh meter with both active (class 1.0)  and Reactive energy (KVArh) (class 2.0) management features.

5219B's are OFGEM approved for billing, housed in a compact casing and includes an optical port for data acquisition and programming (E230 replacement model is MID approved).

Product Specification

  • OFGEM Approved
  • System Voltage 230/400V
  • Import & Export readings
  • Three Phase Networks
  • Direct connected 100A
  • Pulsed output
  • Voltage Burden <2W <10VA
  • Current Burden <0.5VA @ Imax <1VA
  • Frequency 50Hz +/-5%

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