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Hobut CTSC mV Split-core Current Transformers Series with 0.333V output

  • High Sensitivity
  • Accuracy: Class 1
  • Linearity with minimum phase shift
  • 0.333V AC secondary output at rated current
  • Mechanical hinge
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Product Details

The Hobut CTSC mV Current Transformer is designed to fit into confined spaces whilst the Primary conductor is still live. The range of CT’s are compactly designed with a mechanical hinge for multiple opening and closing action.

For connection into existing networks (retro-fitting). Often for use with multi-function meters that have 0.333V input.

CTSC Models:

  • 30A:0.333V
  • 60A:0.333V
  • 120A:0.333V
  • 250A:0.333V
  • 500A:0.333V

Product Specification

• Input frequency 50 to 400Hz
• Maximum primary voltage 720V AC
• Dielectric withstand voltage 2.5Kv for 1 minute
• Operating temperature -15C to +50C
• 1 metre long flying lead twisted pair (22AWG)
• Construction – Ferrite core material • Case nylon UL flame retardant rating 94V-0

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