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Crompton Instruments Integra 1630 Digital Metering System (INT1630-M-5-M-110)

INT-1630-M-5-M-100 (Modbus and 1 relay) can be supplied ex-stock

  • Measurement, display and communication of electrical and power parameters
  • High contrast LED or LCD display
  • THD measurement and power quality data to 31st harmonic
  • True rms and average sensing measurement
  • Pulsed, analogue and digital outputs
  • Modbus RTU RS485 protocol, Johnson Controls and Lonworks protocol interface options
  • Fully programmable VT and CT ratios (9999 CT ; 400kV VT)
  • IP address assignment (factory settings
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Product Details

Integra 1630 digital metering system provides high accuracy 0.2% measurement, display and communication of all major electrical and power quality parameters including total harmonic distortion (THD) measurement up to the 31st harmonic. 

To suit multiple applications, the INT1630 measures single-phase, three-phase-three-wire and three-phase four-wire circuits, all selectable at the point of installation.

INPUT. 140-277V L-N 3~ (241-480V L-L 3~), INPUT. 5A CT OPERATED, AUXILIARY. 100-250V AC/DC

Product Specification


  • Voltage input: 140-277V L-N 3P (241-480V L-L 3P)
  • Current input: 5A CT operated 
  • Auxiliary: 100-250V AC/DC
  • Accuracy: CL0.2
  • Communications: Modbus RS485 and 1 Pulse output


  • System (average) volts
  • System (average) current
  • System (total) kW
  • System volts (average) THD%
  • System current (average) THD%
  • Volts L1 – N, L2 – N, L3 – N
  • Volts L1 – L2, L2 – L3, L3 – L1
  • Volts L1 – N THD%
  • Volts L2 – N THD%
  • Volts L3 – N THD%
  • Volts L1 – L2 THD%
  • Volts L2 – L3 THD%
  • Volts L3 – L1 THD%
  • Current L1, L2, L3
  • Current line 1 THD%
  • Current line 2 THD%
  • Current line 3 THD%
  • Neutral current
  • Frequency
  • Power factor
  • kVAr, kVA, kW
  • kW Hr import,
  • kVArh import,
  • kW demand
  • Current demand
  • Maximum kW
  • Maximum current
  • Hours run

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