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ATB 230010 meter Terminal/Test Block (Back Connected)

  • Versatile terminal arrangement
  • 4 fully shrouded Voltage terminals
  • 3 sets of three terminals for current connections
  • Teminal cover with independent seal position
  • High quality nickel plated brass terminals
  • Reversible insulation barriers
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Product Details

The ATB 23010 is a back connected current and Voltage test terminal block with 13 separate terminals. There are 3 sets of current terminals; each set consists of three individual insulated terminals which can be linked across enabling a shorting facility across the phase and 4 separately insulated voltage terminals.

The ATB 23010 is manufactured with black Bakelite back and a clear polycarbonate cover, all screws and links are nickel plated brass. The terminal connections at the back are all M5.

Dimensions - W: 220 x H: 80 x D 70 mm (The insulated terminals extending from the back are 80 mm)

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