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Socomec DIRIS A10/A11 Multi-function Electricity Meter (4825-0010/4825-0011)

  • Accuracy: Active 0.5% and Reactive 2%
  • Back-lit LDC Screen
  • Current: 5A CT Connected
  • Multi-measurement and metering
  • THD Voltages and Currents up to level 51
  • Programmable hour meter
  • Alarm management
  • RS485 Jbus/Modbus communication
  • Dual-tariff function
  • 4-DIN modules (72 x 72mm)
  • ANSI C12.2 certified
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Product Details

The Diris A10 is a Multi-Function meter for measuring Electrical values in low-Voltage networks in modular format.  

The Meter allows all electrical parameters to be displayed and the measurement, Energy metering and communication functions to be used. 

In addition, the Diris A10 has a function for correcting errors in CT connections.  It also allows variations in temperature to be detected thanks to its internal temperature measurement function.

Socomec A10 Models:

  • Socomec A10: Standard 5A CT Connected Multi-function Meter with 1 Pulsed output
  • Socomec A11: 5A CT Connected Multi-Function Meter with Modbus RS485 & 1 Pulse output

Product Specification


  • Instantaneous: I1, I2, I3, In
  • Maximum average: I1, I2, I3, In
  • Voltages & frequency
  • Instantaneous: U1, U2, U3, U12, U23, U31, F


  • Instantaneous: 3P, ΣP, 3Q, ΣQ, 3S, ΣS
  • maximum average: ΣP, ΣQ, ΣS

Power factor

  • Instantaneous: 3PF, ΣPF
  • Internal temperature Metering


  • Active energy: + kWh (0.5)
  • Reactive energy: + kvarh (2%)
  • Hours

Harmonic analysis

  • Total harmonic distortion (level 51)
  • Currents: thd I1, thd I2, thd I3
  • Phase-to-neutral voltage: thd U1, thd U2, thd U3
  • Phase to phase voltage: thd U12, thd U23, thd U31
  • Dual tariff function
  • Selection of one out of 2 billing tariffs


  • Alarms on all electrical values

Communications (A11 version)

  • RS485 (JBUS/MODBUS) digital 


  • Remote command of apparatus
  • Alarm report
  • Pulse report


  • Remote control

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