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Outram Research PM7000 Power Quality Analyser (PM7-SK)

  • Cat IV 600V Phase A powered Power Quality Analyser.
  • Flicker measurements to IEC61000-4-15
  • Single Cycle Adaptive Storage™ recording process
  • 32 Troubleshooting channels with single cycle detail
  • General Parameters: Over 470 channels which record automatically
  • Auto-Ranking Waveform Capture
  • Harmonics to the 50th (standard)
  • Interharmonics and individual harmonics to the 127th (optional)
  • Bi-colour, status LEDs, externally visible, show recording/memory/voltage/power conditions
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, USB Flash Drive connectivity
  • Pronto for Windows software included
  • Hook-Up Checklist with photos and reference vector diagrams
  • Configuration Guide
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Product Details

The PM7000 is a user-friendly, three phase power quality anaylser that monitors waveforms, harmonics, flicker and power quality. The unit has 4 voltage input channels that are capable of measuring 0 to 600 Vac, and 4 current input channels that can be used with the Rogowski Coil sensors that are supplied, or with voltage output current clamps. There are also twelve pre-stored connection configurations set for 3 phase, 2 phase and single phase measurements. Requirements of math calculations and set-ups can be configured and saved to non-volatile memory.

Product Specification

Five distinct simultaneous Recording Systems:

  • Waveform capture: High Speed sampling on all inputs.
  • Troubleshooting: Utilising the patented single cycle Adaptive StoreTM to capture comprehensive detail over long recording periods on up to 32 selected parameters.
  • General Parameter Analysis / Trends: > 470 parameters recorded automatically and simultaneously enabling reporting to recognised Standards.
  • RMS Event Database: Monitoring for ‘official’ power quality events such as sags/surges/interruptions.
  • Fault Level (optional): ½ cycle Peak Fault Level, RMS Break Fault Level at 50-90ms and ½ cycle. Results dependent on presence of abrupt voltage induced current disturbances > 0.15%. Downstream Motor Contribution.

Selectable waveform parameters:

  • Wave Retention Basis: Greatest disturbances (automatic ranking and low rank discard) and first past a threshold.
  • Capture wave bracket: Wave Sets: from 20ms up to 60secs. Can be contiguous; no re-arming.
  • Signals to be captured: offending wave / complementary current or voltage, All Voltages, All Currents.
  • Triggers to be used: Transient, Ring, Notch, Sag, Surge, THD Volts, THD Current.
  • Wave Allocation: Waves allocated across trigger functions.


  • Input Voltage: 0-600Vac or 0-1000Vac (if internal AC power supply disconnected).
  • Input Current: 0-6000A, 0-400A, or Voltage Type 0-1 Vac. Safety BNC Socket. Phase reversal in software.
  • Accuracy: 0.2%. 0.1% in reference range 20-30°C (excluding sensors). +/-2LSB.
  • Power: Requires 100-600 VRMS, 15 W Max from Phase A voltage measurement (40 – 64Hz Rated power consumption 11Watts) or separate power supply at 12Vdc, 6 W.
  • Burden: Normally <10 VA from Phase A. If a charger is used the Power Supply is automatically disconnected from Phase A (input impedance per phase 32MOhms).
  • Sampling: PM7000T (Turbo) 1,228.8k Samples per sec Also records automatically at 60Hz.
  • Waveform Capture: Sample rate – up to 1.2288 Ms/s in the PM7000T (~ 24,576 samples/cycle at 50 Hz) on 8 channels. Events examined, Ranked & stored in real time.


  • Bluetooth: Wireless interface (isolated).
  • PMGateway App: Enables Android mobile phone to act as a Gateway. Send data files to your inbox, start and stop recordings.
  • USB: Memory module interface (non-isolated).
  • USB: Serial interface to PC (isolated > 2.5kV) download to PC & control through Pronto for Windows.
  • Ethernet: Connectivity through local network. Download to PC. Compatible with iHost.
  • Protocol: MODBUS ASCII.


  • 128MB Flash memory for all files. 32MB RAM for high speed waveform capture data, 64MB working RAM. Expansion with USB Memory Device.


  • Battery Capacity: 2100mAhrs (5 HI-Temp NiMH batteries).
  • Battery Ride Through: Ten minutes at a time.


  • Operating Temp: -20ºC (-4º F) to 60ºC (140º F).
  • Environmental: IP65. Main unit will tolerate momentary emersion when lid sealed. Leads and their connections are not watertight and for safety reasons we strongly recommend that the operator does not connect and disconnect the unit in wet environments.


  • Case: Pelican 1150 Guard Box: Dimensions. 22.9 x 19.1 x 11.0cm.
  • Weight: 3.5 kg. without leads and clamps.

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