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Northern Design Multicube650mV Series

Product includes: 1 x Cube650mV Multicube meter, 1 x RJ12 to RJ12 CT adaptor, 3 x Current transformers (Split-core, Rogowski and Solid-core available)

  • Operates with 2 x 3-phase supplies or 6 x single phase supplies 
  • Housing: 96x96mm panel-mount 
  • Accuracy: Class 0.5 as standard (Class 0.2 available)
  • Total Parameters: Import/Export Active and Reactive Energy, kVA, Frequency, 
  • Individual Phase Parameters: Power (Watts), Power Factor, Current, L-L Voltage and L-N Voltage 
  • Features: 4 Pulse outputs (3 kWh and 1 alarm which are all user-configurable)
  • Communications: Pulse output as standard (3), Modbus (100ms reading updates) or M-Bus on certain models
  • CT input: RJ12 bespoke CT connections with 0.333V output ; VT user-programmable 
  • Warranty: 5-Year 
  • Standards: CE, CB, UL, CUL, CTick
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Product Details

The ND Multicube 650mV is a cost-effective complete metering solution for either 2 x Three phase, 6 x Single phase circuits or a mixture of Three and Single Phase circuits together.

Installation of the bespoke CT's are safe-guarded by RJ12 connections which prevents any reversed CT inputs. If the user mistakenly connects the wrong CT's to the wrong phases, a warning symbol appears on the large LCD display so that costly returns to site can be avoided.

Cube650mV models - part numbers:
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), CL0.2 - MC65-mV-0.2
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), CL0.2, Harmonics + THD - MC65-mV-0.2-THD
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), Modbus - MC65-mV-MOD
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), Modbus, CL0.2 - MC65-mV-MOD-0.2
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), Modbus, CL0.2,Harmonics + THD - MC65-mV-MOD-0.2-THD
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), Modbus, Harmonics + THD - MC65-mV-MOD-THD
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), Modbus Plus - MC65mV MOD+
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), Modbus Plus, CL0.2 - MC65-mV-MOD+-0.2
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), Modbus Plus, CL0.2, Harmonics + THD - MC65-mV-MOD+-0.2-THD
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), Modbus Plus, Harmonics + THD - MC65-mV-MOD+-THD
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), M-Bus,UL - MC65-mV-MBUS
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), M-Bus, CL0.2, UL - MC65-mV-MBUS-0.2
Multicube650mV with Pulse output (3), M-Bus, CL0.2, Harmonics + THD - MC65-mV-MBUS-0.2-THD

Current Transformers for 650mV
3 x Split-core CT sets: 5A, 30A, 50A. 100A, 150A, 400A, 800A
3 x Rogowski/Rope CT sets: 1000A, 1500A, 2000A, 3000A (Power supplied separately)

Camax can offer the Cube650mV in a pre-wired enclosure complete with fusing for Voltage and CT inputs and to suit any Pulse, Modbus or M-Bus connections. See our range of be-spoke panel builds in related products below

Product Specification


Active Energy (kWh)

Line Power Factor (PF)

Active Power (W)

Line Reactive Power (kVAr)

Apparent Energy (kVAh)

Line to Line Voltage (V)

Apparent Power (VA)

Line to Neutral Voltage (V)

Average Current (I)

Maximum Current (I)

Average Power Demands (W)

Maximum Power Demands (W)

Average Voltage (V)

Maximum Voltage (V)

Current (I)

Power Factor (PF)

Current in Neutral (I)

Reactive Energy (kVArh)

Frequency (Hz)

Reactive Power (VAr)

Line Active Power (W)


Line Apparent Power (kVA)

Line Current (I)

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