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Integra TL1 Tri Load Digital Metering System

  •  DIN-rail enclosure
  • Single meter for 3x three phase loads
  • Multiple display modes
  • Modbus RTU RS485 as standard
  • User-programmable CT ratio and system configuration
  • True rms measurement
  • Continuous busbar or individual busbar metering
  • RJ12 socket

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Product Details

The Integra TL 1 is a UK manufactured, three phase meter that is used with Crompton Instruments' 3-in-1 Current Transformers. Ideal for low voltage applications, the meter can measure multiple single and three phase loads for a cost effective solution, however, the option to measure individual loads can be programmed onto the unit when required. The Integra TL 1 also features an integrated microprocessor for exceptional waveform handling.

Product Specification


Nominal input voltage: 100V to 230V AC rms., L – N. 173V to 400V AC rms., L – L

Max. continuous input overload voltage: 120% of nominal

Max. short duration input voltage (1 sec): 2 x nominal voltage

Nominal input voltage burden: 0.2VA per phase (Except L1)**Self powered using the meter electrical input from L1 (6VA)

Nominal input current: 100mA AC rms. per CT

System CT primary values: 1-9999A (selectable from display)

CT burden: 0.1 VA


Voltage: < 0.5%

Current: < 0.5%

Frequency: < 0.2% of mid-range

Power factor: 1% of unity

Active power: +/- 1.0%

Active energy: +/- 1.0% Class 1 IEC 62053-21


Voltage: 5% to 120% for nominal

Current: 5% to 120% of nominal

Frequency: 45—65 Hz

Power: 1—144% of nominal 0.8 capacitive – 1 – 0.8

Power factor inductive (functional 4 quadrant,

0-1 lag lead)

Energy: 6-digit resolution and to be displayed in KWh (Maximum display 999999, before rollover to 0)


Communication protocol: RS485 Modbus RTU

Type: 2-wire half duplex

Baud rate: 9600, 19200, 3Enclosure

Enclosure style: DIN-rail mounting EN43880

Dimensions: 72 x 90 x 62 mm

Material: Polycarbonate to UL94-V0

Weight: 0.25kg

Terminals voltage:  Shrouded screw-clamp 0.05-4mm wire

Terminals CT: RJ12 connector

Sealing: IP52 front of panel


Operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C

Relative humidity: 0-90% non-condensing

Shock: 30g in 3 planes and vibration of 0Hz to 50Hz IEC 60068-2-6, 2g

Vibration: 0Hz to 50Hz, IEC 60068-2-6, 2g. Withstand test 2.2kV, 50Hz for 1 minute between auxiliary / input / output8400

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