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FLIR E5 Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Accuracy: ±2% or 2°C
  • Colour LCD - Iron, Rainbow and Grey
  • Easy-to-use navigation Pad 
  • High resolution: 120x90 pixels
  • Temperature range: -20 to 250°C
  • Thumbnail Gallery: Easily review images upon capture
  • Software/Reporting: All software is free to download and USB download lead is included 
  • Picture-in-Picture: Overlays an infrared image over a digital image to locate faults 
  • Measurement range: Area max/min to identify anomalies 
  • Battery operating time: 4 hours
  • Setup commands: Adaption of units, language, date and time formats
  • Memory capacity: 500 sets of images
  • File format: Standard JPEG, 14-bit measurement date included 
  • Weight: 0.575kg
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Product Details

Infrared (IR) thermometers are reliable and very useful for single-spot temperature readings, but when scanning large areas, it’s easy to miss critical parts. A thermal imaging camera will instantly reveal possible problem areas whether you’re doing electrical, mechanical, building or property management inspections

Parts included:

  • FLIR E5 Thermal Camera
  • Hard Transportation Case
  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply and Charger
  • Rechargeable Battery

Product Specification

  • The enhanced version of the FLIR E4 with better thermal resolution and higher thermal sensitivity
  • Thermal resolution of 120 x 90 pixels - more pixel detail in every captured image
  • Thermal sensitivity of <0.10°C - pinpoint smaller differences in temperature levels
  • 45 x 34° field of view with minimum focus distance of 0.5m (1.6ft)
  • 9Hz image frequency rate
  • 3.0", 320 x 230 pixel LCD screen
  • Multiple selectable image modes - choose thermal MSX, standard thermal, thermal blending or digital camera
  • FLIR MSX enabled - etches the detail of digital images into thermal images to improve the level of detail
  • Temperature measurement range from -20 to +250°C (-4 to +482°F)
  • Temperature measurement accuracy within ±2%
  • Simple, point-and-shoot design with pistol-shaped grip and trigger system
  • Variable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0 to cater for different surface types
  • Area box mode - overlay a box on your images to pinpoint the max and minimum temperatures within that box
  • Selectable colour palettes - choose between black and white, iron and rainbow
  • On board digital camera with resolution of 640 x 480 pixels
  • Simple USB transfer of images to compatible devices such as a PC
  • Powered by field-replaceable lithium ion rechargeable batteries
  • Approximately 4 hours battery life
  • Includes FLIR Tools software for interacting with images on PC (ideal for making reports)

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