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Eaton 7 Ammeter position Selector Switch (T0-3-8048/E)

  • The switch has 7 configurations: Line 1: Line 2, Line: Line 3, Line 3: Line 1, Line 1: N, Line 2: N and Line 3: N
  • Currents: 14 to 65A
  • Measures: between phase currents or line and phase voltages
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Product Details

At Camax we are now supplying Hobut Selector Switches suitable for panel mount metering (Current Transformer connected) between phase currents or line and phase voltages.

The modular system is particularly flexible and enables a broad range of different combinations and types. Cam-Switches are accessible for rated un-interrupted currents from 14A to 65A in three basic designs: cover mounting, base mounting, and surface mounting (insulated enclosure).

Rotary cam switches can be used in a large range of applications and are just as suitable for switching motors as they are for control circuits. 

Product Specification

  • Dimensions: Height 48mm, Width 48mm and Length 85mm
  • Current rating: 10A (AC22) (BS EN 60947-3)
  • Voltage rating: 500V AC (BS EN 60947-3)
  • IP rating: Front-IP65, Back IP 2X
  • Maximum cable size: 4mm²
  • Temperature Ranges: -20ºC to +40ºC
  • Options
  • IP rating can be increased to Front-
  • IP 54, Back- IP 42

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