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Eastron SDM630 MCT V2 Three Phase Multifunction Energy Meter

  • MID B+D Certified
  • Certified for Single & Three phase networks
  • Certified for Import & Export Active energy (kWh)
  • DIN Rail Mounted (4-DIN Modules)
  • High Definition backlit display
  • 5A or 1A input CT input
  • Pulsed output and built in RS485 (Modbus)
  • Class B (Active energy)
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Product Details

The SDM630 MCT V2 Three Phase Multifunction Energy Meter measures single and three phase supplies, while displaying all the fundamental electrical parameters. The unit is either 1A or 5A current transformer operated and be powered using a separate auxiliary (AC or DC). With a cost-effective price, this meter is best suited for sub-billing and energy management.

Product Specification

Voltage and Current:

  • Phase to neutral voltages 100 to 289V a.c. (not for 3p3w supplies)
  • Voltages between phases 173 to 500V a.c. (3p supplies only)
  • Percentage total voltage harmonic distortion (THD%) for each phase to N ( not for 3p3w supplies) Percentage voltage THD% between phases (three phase supplies only)
  • Current THD% for each phase


  • Voltage: 0·5% of range maximum
  • Current: 0·5% of nominal
  • Frequency: 0·2% of mid-frequency
  • Power factor: 1% of unity (0.01)
  • Active power: ±1% of range maximum
  • Reactive power: ±1% of range maximum
  • Apparent power: ±1% of range maximum
  • Active energy: Class 1 IEC 62053-21
  • Reactive energy: ±1% of range maximum
  • Total harmonic distortion: 1% up to 31st harmonic
  • Response time to step input: 1s, typical, to >99% of final reading, at 50 Hz

Power factor, Frequency, and Max. Demand:

  • Frequency in Hz
  • Maximum demanded power since last Demand reset Power factor
  • Maximum neutral demand current, since the last Demand reset (for three phase supplies only)

Instantaneous power:

  • Power 0 to 3600 MW
  • Reactive Power 0 to 3600 MVAr
  • Volt-amps 0 to 3600 MVA

Energy Measurements:

  • Imported/Exported active energy: 0 to 9999999.9 kWh
  • Imported/Exported reactive energy: 0 to 9999999.9 kVArh
  • Total active energy: 0 to 9999999.9 kWh
  • Total reactive energy: 0 to 9999999.9 kVArh

Reference Conditions of Influence Quantities:

  • Ambient temperature: 23°C ±1°C
  • Input frequency: 50 or 60Hz ±2%
  • Input waveform: Sinusoidal (distortion factor < 0·005)
  • Auxiliary supply voltage: Nominal ±1%
  • Auxiliary supply frequency: Nominal ±1%
  • Auxiliary supply waveform (if AC): Sinusoidal (distortion factor < 0·05)
  • Magnetic field of external origin: Terrestrial flux


  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C*
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to +70°C*
  • Relative humidity: 0 to 90%, non-condensing
  • Altitude: Up to 2000m
  • Warm up time: 1 minute
  • Vibration: 10Hz to 50Hz, IEC 60068-2-6, 2g
  • Shock: 30g in 3 planes

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