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DL3N1-35-125/0.1 Current Transformer

  • Aperture: 3@21x22mm
  • Aperture hole centres: 35mm
  •  Busbar DIN-rail and metal feet
    (mounting hardware supplied) 
  •  RJ12 socket
  •  Cable included (length 1.5 m)

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Product Details

The 3 in 1 DL3N1-35-125/0.1 current transformer is used with either the Integra 1211 or the Integra DL1. The molding case contains three traditional current transformers that can be installed using a three phase circuit breaker to ensure an easy installation. The RJ12 connection provides fast connections, and prevents errors from occurring during the installation process. 

Product Specification

  • Ratio: 125/0.1
  • VA At Class 0.5: 0.25
  • VA At Class 0.1: 0.35
  • System voltage: 720V maximum
  • Test voltage: 3kV for 1 minute
  • System frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Primary ratings: 100mA AC rms. per CT
  • Overload withstand: 1.2 x rated current continuously
  • Enclosure: Flame retardant grade classified UL94V-O
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Compliant with accuracy: IEC/EN 60044-1 Class 0.5, Class 1

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