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DEIF MIC 4224 CL1 3-Phase Multi-Instrumentwith Modbus RTU & I/O

  • 3-Phase TRMS measurements 
  • Voltage inputs: 400V L-L AC
  • Accuracy: CL0.5
  • Communications: Modbus RS485 (RTU)
  • Digital Input 4
  • Digital Outputs: 2
  • Relay Outputs: 2
  • Supply Voltage: 85 - 264V AC 50/60Hz
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Product Details

The MIC 4224 Multi-Instrument by DEIF is a three phase, microprocessor-based measuring meter that can provide measurements of over 50 electrical parameters. Measurements are displayed on the LCD screen and can be transmitted as an RS485 serial output, making it ideal for remote value reading or for use as a PLC transducer. With four quadrant metering, the unit provides advanced functionality paired with a remarkable design. 

Product Specification

Voltage Inputs

  • Nominal Voltage: 230 L-N
  • Nominal Voltage: 400 L-L
  • Current Inputs
  • Nominal Current: 5A AC
  • CT Primary: 5A...10kA
  • Max Current: 9999A


  • Nominal Frequency: 50/60Hz


  • V,I&F: CL0.2
  • W, Q, S, PF, N: CL0.5
  • kW, kVAr, MD, THD: CL1

Response Time

  • Metering Data: 300ms
  • Power Quality: 3s
  • Auxillary Power Supply

Supply Voltage

  • 85 - 264V AC 50/60Hz (DC Available upon request)

Digital Input

  • Optical isolation 4000V AC rms
  • Input resistance 2kΩ 
  • Input voltage 5…30V DC 
  • Input current Max. 20mA

Digital output

  • Output form Open collector, NO 
  • Optical isolation 4kV AC rms
  • Voltage +40V DC to -6V DC 
  • Current Max. 30mA 
  • Pulse rate 0.1…600kWh/pulse 0.1…600kVArh/pulse 
  • Pulse duration 20ms…1s


  • Signal levels RS485 
  • Connection type Multi-drop 
  • Devices per link Max. 32 units 
  • Cable type Belden 3105A or equivalent (twisted pair) 
  • Maximum cable length up to 1000m 
  • Transmission mode Asynchronous 
  • Message format Modbus RTU 
  • Data rate 1 200 to 38 400 bits/s


  • Measuring inputs Firm terminal block 
  • Wire max. 5mm²/AWG10 
  • Screw torque 0.5Nm/5.5lb-inch 
  • Other Pluggable block Wire max. 1.5mm²/AWG16 
  • Screw torque 0.25Nm/2.5lb-inch

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