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Circutor TRH16-RS485-25 - Measurement device for up to 16 strings (E80005)

  • Compact design (9-DIN Modules)
  • String control, up to 8 strings for photovoltaic applications (8 digital inputs voltage-free)
  • 2 RS485 Modbus RTU communications ports
  • Up to 2 M/TR8-25x4 (8 channels)
  • 3 voltage-free digital inputs (alarms)
  • 1 input for the temperature probe
  • Voltage measurement of 1000V DC
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Product Details

The Circutor TR16-RS485 Multi-channel DC voltage and current analyser for solar applications. TR16 analysers have been specifically designed control strings in photovoltaic plants; it recognises the level of current generated in the different groups in real time, and therefore measures the current flowing through the external sensors 

Measurement Modules:

  • M/TR-25A x2, 2 circuits 25A
  • M/TR-25A x4, 4 circuits 25A
  • M/TR-100A, 1 circuit  Ø30mm
  • M/TR-100A-CC-28mm, 1 circuit 100A 1 circuit  Ø28mm
  • M/TR-100A, 1 circuit 200A

Product Specification

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