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CEWE ProQ 100 Rack Mounted 0.2 MID Energy Meter

  • Comprehensive PQ & Energy Metering combined 
  • 4 fixed outputs
  • Dual/single auxiliary supply
  • Field-replaceable battery
  • Two metrology LEDs for accuracy testing
  • Range covers HV3, HV4 and LV4 connections
  • Accuracy to IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S
  • Harmonics and inter-harmonics up to 50th order
  • Distortion factors THD, TDD, and waveform quality indices
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Product Details

The ProQ 100 is a wall mounted energy meter that monitors the power quality events of HV, MV, and LV4 configurations. The unit offers high precision revenue metering that is in line with the latest power quality standards. With multiple communication channels, protocol support, and upgrades for existing applications, the ProQ 100 can easily integrate with multiple systems that allow for concurrent communications.

Secure's innovative web-based software provides a breakdown of the ProQ100's Power Quality and Energy parameters. All electrical parameters are available in real-time with additional graphical, tabular, and ITIC Report formats for analysis.


  • Accuracy: Class 0.2S IEC 62053-22
  • Real-time data monitoring for reports, trends, and harmonic analysis through Secures online platform
  • Power Quality Event logging for sag, swell, interruption and rapid voltage change
  • Distortion factors THD, TDD, and waveform quality indices e.g. K factor and crest factor
  • Voltage and current recording for pre- and post- event analysis with RMS value (half-cycle) capture

Product Specification


  • Connection types HV4/HV3/LV4
  • Measurement voltage range 3 x 57.7/100 V….240/415 V (3P4W) | 2 x 100….120 V (3P3W)
  • Measurement current range In: 1..5A | Imax: up to 10 A (configurable)


  • Energy Class: 0.2S
  • Voltage: 0.1% for measurement range of voltage & current
  • Current: 0.1% for measurement range of voltage & current
  • Power Class: 0.2S, or better for measurement range of voltage & current
  • Frequency: ┬▒0.01 Hz
  • Burden of measurement inputs Current circuit: <0.01 VA/phase @1A | <0.25 VA/phase @5A with auxiliary supply
  • Maximum overload voltage on voltage measurement inputs: 1.5 x Vnom continuously | 2 x Vnom for 0.5 sec
  • Maximum overload current on current measurement inputs: 1.2 x Imax continuously | 10 x Imax for 3 sec | 20 x Imax for 1 sec


  • Dimensions: Rack as per DIN 43862 and IEC 60297
  • Sealing provision: Meter, rack and back terminals


  • IP compliance Meter front fascia: IP 54 | Inside panel: IP20
  • Operating temperature: -20 C to +60 C
  • Limit range of operation: -40 C to +70 C
  • Storage temperature: -40 C to +70 C
  • Essailec┬« connectors: -10 C to +55 C 

Power supply:

  • Type: Main auxiliary power supply & redundant auxiliary power supply
  • Range: 48-230 V AC/DC, 50 Hz/60 Hz

Inputs and outputs:

  • Independent fixed outputs: Fixed 4 outputs (24-230 V AC/DC @ 100 mA)
  • Independent configurable I/O: Configurable block of 4 I/Os (24-230 V AC/DC)

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