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Carlo Gavazzi Web server and Datalogger (VMU-C-EM)

  • Acts as a master for up to 32 slaves, or as a slave to a Building Management System eg. SCADA
  • Dimensions: 2-DIN modules
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Interval times: 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minute periods (Half hourly data UK Standard)
  • Recording Resolution: Daily, Monthly or Annually
  • Multiple parameters
  • Pre-alarm functionality: E-Mailed or SMS to several recipients 
  • Power Supply: 12 to 28 VDC power supply
  • Up to 32 Energy meters or power analysers
  • Cable length: 1000 Metres depending on cable burden
  • Memory: Internal data storage up to 30 years in a 4GB memory (FIFO mode available via USB Port)
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Product Details

VMU-C EM is a micro PC with Web-server and FTP push capability suitable to gather electrical variables information from up to 32 Energy meters (or Power analysers e.g. PEL 103) with up to 11 optional VMU modules.

VMU-C EM provides information in a quick and reliable fashion via the internet using a standard browser, so the data is available from anywhere.

VMU-C EM shows electrical parameters such as: V, A, kW, kWh, kVAR, kVARh, Hz, PF, etc. and additional information such as temperature or analogue signals. All data is available as graphs and numbers in formatted tables. VMU-C performs alarms control, managing also automatic e- mailing and SMS when combined with VMU-W.

Product Specification

General Specification

Micro PC with Web-server
• Push of CSV or XML file in FTP servers
• Linux embedded operating system
• Up to 32 Energy meters and Power analysers management
• AC measurements: V, A, Hz, kW/var/VA
• DC measurement: V, A, W, kWh
• Environment variables: temperature, analogue values, pulse rate variables
• Other variables: utility meters (by EM24 or EM26 energy meters), digital status
• Variables shown as graphs and numbers in formatted tables
• Alarms control with automatic e-mailing and SMS management (with VMU-W only)'
• All data exports on HTML format compatible with Excel or other spread sheets
• Internal data storage up to 30 years in a 4GB memory
• Optional automatic data back-up on micro SD or micro SDHC memories (not supplied) VMU-C em: WEB server and FTP master unit
• Two RS485 communication ports (Modbus)
• One Ethernet port
• Two multi purpose USB 2.0 ports
• 12 to 28 VDC power supply
• Dimensions: 2-DIN modules
• Protection degree (front): IP40

Product Specification

Type-Single colour
Status-Changing according to the function
Controlled functions- Internal communication bus, communication port COM1 and COM2, USB ports, alarms, power supply
Colour code and working mode- Power on: Green Steady ON: power supply is on; Blinking: writing cycle on micro SD card.
Bus (internal)-Yellow Steady OFF: no communication; Blinking: regular communication; Steady ON: error on communication
COM1-Yellow Steady OFF: no communication; irregular blinking: no answer to Modbus request (time-out); regular blinking: regular communication
COM2- Yellow Steady OFF: no communication; irregular blinking: no answer to Modbus request (time-out); regular blinking: regular communication
USB - Blue Steady ON: acknowledged device, no writing in progress, device can be removed; Steady OFF: neither acknowledged device nor connected device; Blinking: acknowledged device and writing cycle in progress, device cannot be removed.
Alarm Red Steady ON: alarm in progress. Steady OFF: no alarms Note: the LED is ON either for one alarm or for more alarms.

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