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Meter Logger 6C 6 Input Web Enabled Pulse Data Logger

  • Works with any utility meter with a pulse output
  • Logs 365 days of data in flash memory
  • Energy consumption data recorded every half
  • hour
  • Ethernet interface for easy connectivity
  • Web browser interface for simple configuration
  • Battery backed real time clock with SNTP updates to ensure accuracy
  • Static or DHCP assigned IP address
  • Automatic regular emailing of energy usage data. Frequency and data file format can be customised
  • Data downloadable in either CSV or XML format
  • Free software utility automatically detects all Meter Loggers on a network and returns their IP addresses
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Product Details

The Meter Logger 100 is a 6 input pulse data logger with built-in Ethernet connectivity, web browser interface and the ability to send data via email.

Connected to up to 6 utility meters with pulse output, the Meter Logger provides a simple-to-use yet powerful tool for remotely monitoring energy consumption.

6 (six) inputs compatible with volt free pulse output meters, reed switches or switches providing less than 1kOhm to ground. Connects to any device having a pulse output compliant with IEC 62053-31.

Product Specification

Pulse Inputs

  • 6 separate pulse inputs that will accept voltage free contacts OR any switch providing less than 1k to ground
  • Minimum pulse width of 10 mS
  • Maximum pulse rate of 35 pulses per second
  • Each input has an associated LED that flashes with each received pulse

Voltage Outputs

  • 5V, maximum 100mA output provided on inputs 4, 5 and 6 for powering external sensor

Real-Time Clock

  • User set with SNTP updates
  • Backed for 2 years using rechargeable battery

Storage Capacity

  • Maximum of 65535 pulses per half hour
  • 1 years worth of data stored in flash memory

Time Base

  • Half hour
  • Communication
  • Ethernet with static or DHCP assigned IP address

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